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WIOA Annual Reports

WIOA requires that State VR programs submit an annual statewide performance report, including information on levels of performance achieved with respect to the performance indicators outlined in section 116. These reports are due by October 1 after the completion of each Program Year (July 1 - June 30). Following their submission, RSA publishes the reports as soon as possible. 

Review the VR program participant cohorts for each performance indicator in this technical assistance resource. For more information, review the WIOA Statewide Performance Report Specifications (ETA-9169): PDF and Excel (OMB Control No: 1205-0526). 

National Summaries and State Reports for the VR Program 

View national summaries and statewide VR program reports in the below table. Accessible Excel files are also available for each Program Year. 

To protect the confidentiality of VR program participants, RSA applies data suppression to sample sizes of 1, 2, or 3 participants and does not publish corresponding rates. Suppressed data are indicated with a dash. RSA publishes sample sizes of 0 participants and corresponding rates of 0.0%. 

  PY 2017 PY 2018 PY 2019 PY 2020 PY 2021
National National Summary-2017 National Summary-2018 National Summary-2019 National Summary-2020 National Summary-2021
Accessible File  WIOA Annual Report-2017 WIOA Annual Report-2018 WIOA Annual Report-2019 WIOA Annual Report-2020 WIOA Annual Report-2021
Alabama AL-2017 AL-2018 AL-2019 AL-2020 AL-2021
Alaska AK-2017 AK-2018 AK-2019 AK-2020 AK-2021
Arizona AZ-2017 AZ-2018 AZ-2019 AZ-2020 AZ-2021
Arkansas AR-2017 AR-2018 AR-2019 AR-2020 AR-2021
California CA-2017 CA-2018 CA-2019 CA-2020 CA-2021
Colorado CO-2017 CO-2018 CO-2019 CO-2020 CO-2021
Connecticut CT-2017 CT-2018 CT-2019 CT-2020 CT-2021
Delaware DE-2017 DE-2018 DE-2019 DE-2020 DE-2021
District of Columbia DC-2017 DC-2018 DC-2019 DC-2020 DC-2021
Florida FL-2017 FL-2018 FL-2019 FL-2020 FL-2021
Georgia GA-2017 GA-2018 GA-2019 GA-2020 GA-2021
Hawaii HI-2017 HI-2018 HI-2019 HI-2020 HI-2021
Idaho ID-2017 ID-2018 ID-2019 ID-2020 ID-2021
Illinois IL-2017 IL-2018 IL-2019 IL-2020 IL-2021
Indiana IN-2017 IN-2018 IN-2019 IN-2020 IN-2021
Iowa IA-2017 IA-2018 IA-2019 IA-2020 IA-2021
Kansas KS-2017 KS-2018 KS-2019 KS-2020 KS-2021
Kentucky KY-2017 KY-2018 KY-2019 KY-2020 KY-2021
Louisiana LA-2017 LA-2018 LA-2019 LA-2020 LA-2021
Maine ME-2017 ME-2018 ME-2019 ME-2020 ME-2021
Maryland MD-2017 MD-2018 MD-2019 MD-2020 MD-2021
Massachusetts MA-2017 MA-2018 MA-2019 MA-2020 MA-2021
Michigan MI-2017 MI-2018 MI-2019 MI-2020 MI-2021
Minnesota MN-2017 MN-2018 MN-2019 MN-2020 MN-2021
Mississippi MS-2017 MS-2018 MS-2019 MS-2020 MS-2021
Missouri MO-2017 MO-2018 MO-2019 MO-2020 MO-2021
Montana MT-2017 MT-2018 MT-2019 MT-2020 MT-2021
Nebraska NE-2017 NE-2018 NE-2019 NE-2020 NE-2021
Nevada NV-2017 NV-2018 NV-2019 NV-2020 NV-2021
New Hampshire NH-2017 NH-2018 NH-2019 NH-2020 NH-2021
New Jersey NJ-2017 NJ-2018 NJ-2019 NJ-2020 NJ-2021
New Mexico NM-2017 NM-2018 NM-2019 NM-2020 NM-2021
New York NY-2017 NY-2018 NY-2019 NY-2020 NY-2021
North Carolina NC-2017 NC-2018 NC-2019 NC-2020 NC-2021
North Dakota ND-2017 ND-2018 ND-2019 ND-2020 ND-2021
Ohio OH-2017 OH-2018 OH-2019 OH-2020 OH-2021
Oklahoma OK-2017 OK-2018 OK-2019 OK-2020 OK-2021
Oregon OR-2017 OR-2018 OR-2019 OR-2020 OR-2021
Pennsylvania PA-2017 PA-2018 PA-2019 PA-2020 PA-2021
Puerto Rico PR-2017 PR-2018 PR-2019 PR-2020 PR-2021
Rhode Island RI-2017 RI-2018 RI-2019 RI-2020 RI-2021
South Carolina SC-2017 SC-2018 SC-2019 SC-2020 SC-2021
South Dakota SD-2017 SD-2018 SD-2019 SD-2020 SD-2021
Tennessee TN-2017 TN-2018 TN-2019 TN-2020 TN-2021
Texas TX-2017 TX-2018 TX-2019 TX-2020 TX-2021
Utah UT-2017 UT-2018 UT-2019 UT-2020 UT-2021
Vermont VT-2017 VT-2018 VT-2019 VT-2020 VT-2021
Virginia VA-2017 VA-2018 VA-2019 VA-2020 VA-2021
Washington WA-2017 WA-2018 WA-2019 WA-2020 WA-2021
West Virginia WV-2017 WV-2018 WV-2019 WV-2020 WV-2021
Wisconsin WI-2017 WI-2018 WI-2019 WI-2020 WI-2021
Wyoming WY-2017 WY-2018 WY-2019 WY-2020 WY-2021

WIOA Annual Reports for Titles I, II, and III Core Programs

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration has published national summaries and State reports for the titles I and III core programs. The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education has published national summaries and State reports for the title II core program.