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On January 19, 2021, RSA published the FFY 2021 Monitoring and Technical Assistance Guide (MTAG). Consistent with the requirement in the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended by Title IV of WIOA, to conduct annual reviews and periodic on-site monitoring of programs authorized under Title I of the Rehabilitation Act, RSA has collaborated with VR agencies in the development of this MTAG. The objective of monitoring is to support VR agencies and RSA in improving results for individuals with disabilities seeking high-quality competitive integrated employment by responding to the unique needs and challenges of individual VR agencies. Fundamental to this monitoring approach are values shared by RSA and its State partners. RSA is committed to these values as it partners with VR agencies in the conduct of monitoring to foster continuous improvement in outcomes for individuals with disabilities.

Embodying these values, the FFY 2021 MTAG explains the process through which RSA will provide technical assistance to, and review the progress of, VR agencies in: 1) improving the quality of services for, and employment outcomes achieved by, individuals with disabilities, and 2) complying with requirements under the Rehabilitation Act. For more information about RSA's monitoring efforts and to view published monitoring reports, please visit Monitoring of the VR Program

January 19, 2021