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Grant Reallotment Form - Delaware Division for the Visually Impaired - DHHS Campus FY: 2016

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The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, authorizes the Commissioner of the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) to reallot to other grant recipients that portion of a recipients annual grant that cannot be used. The reallotment process maximizes the use of appropriated funds under the VR, IL-OIB, SE, CAP, and PAIR formula grant programs. Each formula grant recipient is required to submit a Grant Reallotment Form to RSA by August 15 of the FFY in which the funds were awarded to determine whether the grantee is relinquishing grant funds, requesting additional grant funds, or seeking no change in the current award amount. If ample funds are not relinquished for an award, RSA will exercise its discretion to cancel any scheduled reallotment for that program. RSA will notify grantees if a reallotment has been cancelled.

Grantee Name
Delaware Division for the Visually Impaired - DHHS Campus
Due Date

Program PR Award ID Grant Award Total Amount Relinquished Additional Amount Requested Additional Amount Approved Revised Grant Award Total
BASIC-VR H126A160010 1,455,127 0 480,329 222,540 1,677,667
SE H187A160011 42,000 0 0 42,000
OIB H177B160008 225,000 0 450,000 225,000
Total   1,722,127 0 930,329 222,540 1,944,667

Section 19(a) of the Rehabilitation Act authorizes formula grantees to carry over any funds appropriated, including original allotments and reallotments which are not obligated or expended by recipients by September 30th of the FFY in which the funds were appropriated. Funds carried over remain available for obligation and expenditure during the following fiscal year, provided the grantee has fully met, by September 30th of the FFY in which the funds were appropriated, any matching requirement of the funds to be carried over.

Section 110(b)(3) of the Rehabilitation Act makes it clear that funds reallotted to another state are considered to be an increase to that states allotment for the fiscal year for which funds were appropriated. Therefore, if requesting reallotment funds, I certify that the state is capable of providing the required match (21.3% for VR, 10% for OIB, and at least 10 percent in non-Federal expenditures for the total amount of expenditures incurred with the half of the allotment reserved to provide SE services to youth with the most significant disabilities) for the additional funds received by September 30th of the FFY in which the funds were appropriated.

I certify that the state can fulfill the matching requirement by September 30th of the Federal fiscal year in which the funds were appropriated.


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Daniel Madrid, Director


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