Rehabilitation Services Administration

Technical Support

The system indicates you are not logged in, so we are assuming your issue relates to problems logging in. Click on the item that best describes your issue, or tab to it and press the down arrow key.

If you are not having problems logging in, please log in now and then select Technical Support again. Many common problems can be resolved immediately, but the system needs to know who you are.

Can't log in?

All login issues can be resolved with our automated process. The process is explained more fully on the next screen.

Your ID is locked

The automated process can also unlock your account. The process is explained more fully on the next screen.

The email was sent to an address you can't check

This can happen for various reasons. Please select the reason that best describes your situation.

If your email address has changed

To protect your account, your identity, and the system we do not allow people to change the email address if the password has been forgotten or if the account is locked. The fastest way to restore service is to fill out a new Request MIS Access form. This will require a sign-off from your boss; however it also gives you the opportunity to add forms to your account.

I am using someone else's account

This is a violation of government security procedures and also of this system's Rules of Behavior which were agreed to when access was granted. Additionally, it invalidates our system log which tracks who makes changes to data. Apply for your own user ID.

You tried the automated process, but never got an email

It only seems like email is instananeous; make sure you have waited at least twenty minutes for your email to arrive.

If it has been more than twenty minutes, and if the email address was correct, it's possible your server blocked our email. Because the emails are sent by a system, some email system regard our email as spam. However, spam blockers are not always consistent; some will block our emails at some times but not at others. We suggest you try at least three times.

Your password has changed in the past 10 days

Use this option only if you received a message when logging in about the 10-day policy: if you use it for other password issues your request will be denied.

Per government security policies, passwords can only be changed once every 10 days. This is for your protection to prevent someone else from hijacking your account.

To override this policy, we have to manually intervene. Please enter the information below, and we will get to it as soon as we can. Be advised that it may take several days to complete this.

You failed to follow all of the posted rules

The rules for passwords are listed below. Print this screen for your reference.

  • Passwords are case-sensitive
  • You may not re-use a previously used password: this must be a new password
  • You must correctly enter "default" (which is your current password) in the CURRENT PASSWORD box.
  • The entries in NEW PASSWORD and CONFIRM PASSWORD must match.
  • Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length
  • Passwords must be no more than 12 characters in length
  • Passwords may NOT contain special characters or spaces. Use letters and numbers only.
  • Passwords must contain at least one number
  • Passwords must contain at least one uppercase letter
  • Passwords must contain at least one lowercase letter

After printing and reading the above, try the automated process again.

Other issues

If you are getting a message that your user ID no longer exists, apply for a new ID. Otherwise, send us your question and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.