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RSA Frequently-Asked Questions: WIOA Core Program Performance Accountability Assessment for PY 2022 (FAQ 23-03)

A frequently-asked questions document that announces the U.S. Departments of Labor and Education (the Departments) have determined it is appropriate and reasonable to assess performance for the WIOA title I, III, and IV core programs for PY 2022 for the following performance indicators, as applicable: Employment Rate 2nd Quarter after Exit; Median Earnings 2nd Quarter after Exit; Employment Rate 4th Quarter after Exit; and Credential Attainment Rate. Further, the Departments have determined that the available baseline data are not sufficient to produce reliable estimates using the required statistical adjustment model for the remaining performance indicators. Therefore, the Departments have determined it is necessary to delay assessment of: Measurable Skill Gains Rate for the WIOA titles I and IV core programs; all performance indicators for the WIOA title II core program; the Overall State Indicator Scores; and the Overall State Program Scores for the WIOA titles I, II, and IV programs.

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