Rehabilitation Services Administration

Rules of Behavior

  1. Use the RSA website only for official Government business;
  2. Provide complete and accurate data when using reporting using the RSA website;
  3. Protect sensitive information from access by, or disclosure to, unauthorized personnel;
  4. Report immediately all security incidents and potential threats and vulnerabilities involving computing resources to RSA Technical Support;
  5. Create and use strong passwords and do not disclose your password to anyone (including RSA staff);
  6. Do not reuse passwords. Each password should be unique;
  7. Log-off the RSA website when you are done;
  8. Do not leave your PC unattended when logged into the RSA website. In addition, users are requested to use the Windows screensaver feature with password feature enabled to protect unattended terminals;
  9. Report any compromise or suspected compromise of a password to RSA Technical Support;
  10. Contact RSA Technical Support when access to the RSA website is no longer required (for example when transferring to another position, or terminating employment).