Rehabilitation Services Administration

Rehabilitation Training - State VR In Service Training


CFDA Number: 84.265
Funding type: Discretionary

Of the funds appropriated for the Rehabilitation Training Program 15 percent must be used to support in-service training. In FY 2010 the Rehabilitation Training Program made 75 basic in-service training awards to state VR agencies to support projects for training state VR agencies’ personnel in program areas essential to the effective management of the VR programs under the Rehabilitation Act and in skill areas that enable VR personnel to improve their ability to provide VR services leading to employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities. The In-Service Training Program continued to play a critical role in helping state VR agencies to develop and implement their CSPD standards for hiring training and retaining qualified rehabilitation professionals to provide for succession planning to provide leadership development and capacity-building and to provide training on the Rehabilitation Act in their respective states.

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