Rehabilitation Services Administration

Protection and Advocacy of Individual Rights (PAIR)


Program Office: Rehabilitation Services Administration

CFDA Number: 84.240
Program Type: Formula Grants
Also Known As: PAIR


The PAIR program supports the protection and advocacy system in each state to protect the legal and human rights of individuals with disabilities. In order to be eligible for advocacy services from the PAIR program, an individual with a disability must meet three criteria:

  1. The individual's concern must be beyond the scope of the Client Assistance Program (see # 84.161A, also under topical heading Rehabilitation), which is authorized under Sec. 112 of the Rehabilitation Act.
  2. The individual must be ineligible for services from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' (HHS) Protection and Advocacy of Developmental Disabilities (PADD) program (authorized under Part C of the DD Act).
  3. The individual also must be ineligible for the Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness (PAIMI) program of HHS (authorized under the Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness Act).

Each PAIR program must set annual priorities and objectives to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities in each state. Although the objectives and priorities vary from state to state to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities in each state, most PAIR programs set priorities and objectives aimed at reducing barriers to education, employment, transportation, and housing. In addition, PAIR programs advocate on behalf of individuals with significant disabilities to promote community integration and full participation in society.


Eligible systems have the authority to pursue legal, administrative, and other appropriate remedies or approaches to protect and advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities. Protection and advocacy systems may be housed in public or private entities as designated by the governor.

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Who May Apply: (specifically) Protection and Advocacy Systems as established under the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000.

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Applicant Info


A completed and signed ED 80-013 form (see below) must be sent to the person and address listed below by August 31, 2007.

Current Application

New applicants must fill out and return an application letter.

Download the template letter MS Word (29K) | PDF (7K)

Other Required Forms

In addition to the above application letter, the following forms are required.

Form Number and Title
MS Word
ED 80-0013 Form - Certification Regarding Lobbying PDF
MS Word
Form 1820-0520 - Assurances PDF
MS Word


Application Contact

Materials sent through regular mail can be addressed as follows:

U.S. Department of Education
Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
Attention: James J. Billy
400 Maryland Avenue, S.W.,
PCP Room 5089
Washington, DC 20202-2800

Materials sent by overnight mail should be sent to the following address:

U.S. Department of Education
Attention: James J. Billy
Mail Stop 2800
PCP Room 5089
7100 Old Landover Road
Landover, MD 20785-1605

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Awards to Grantees

Note on this table: the numbers shown represent the awards made during the fiscal year to RSA grantees. There may be additional set-asides for the program which are not shown.

State Grantee PR Award ID Current Awards FY 2016 Total Awarded FY 2015 Total Awarded FY 2014
Alabama UNIV OF ALABAMA ALABAMA - DISAB ADVOCACY PROGRAM H240A160001 $222,618 $223,897 $224,958
Alaska DISABILITY LAW CENTER OF ALASKA H240A160002 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
Arizona Arizona Center for Disability Law H240A160003 $309,019 $306,944 $305,724
Arkansas Disability Rights Arkansas, Inc H240A160004 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
California Disability Rights California H240A160005 $1,781,292 $1,775,554 $1,774,721
Colorado Center for Legal Advocacy H240A160006 $245,869 $244,030 $242,013
Connecticut Connecticut Office of Protection and Advocacy H240A160007 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
Delaware COMMUNITY LEGAL AID SOCIETY, H240A160008 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
District of Columbia DC-RSA / UNIVERSITY LEGAL SERVICES H240A160059 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
Florida Disability Rights Florida H240A160010 $913,233 $905,684 $901,209
Georgia Georgia Advocacy Office, Inc. H240A160011 $463,534 $462,835 $462,788
Hawaii Hawaii Disability Rights Center H240A160012 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
Idaho Disability Action Center NW, Inc. H132A930074 $178,512
Idaho DisAbility Rights Idaho, Inc. H240A160013 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
Illinois EQUIP FOR EQUALITY, INC. H240A160014 $591,303 $596,698 $600,660
Indiana INDIANA P and A SERVICES H240A160015 $302,839 $304,363 $304,982
Iowa IOWA P and A SERVICES, INC. H240A160016 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
Kansas DISABILITY RIGHTS CENTER OF KANSAS H240A160017 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
Kentucky KENTUCKY OFFICE FOR PUBLIC ADVOCACY - P and A DIVISION H240A160018 $202,607 $203,589 $204,356
Louisiana Advocacy Center H240A160019 $213,451 $214,251 $214,689
Maine MAINE ADVOCACY SERVICES, INC. -- DISABILITY RIGHTS CENTER H240A160020 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
Maryland MARYLAND DISABILIITY LAW CENTER H240A160021 $274,356 $274,621 $274,528
Massachusetts DISABILITY LAW CENTER, INC. H240A160022 $309,659 $310,010 $310,058
Minnesota MINNESOTA DISABILITY LAW CENTER H240A160024 $250,520 $251,071 $250,949
Mississippi MISSISSIPPI P and A SYSTEM, INC. H240A160025 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
Missouri MISSOURI CLIENT ASSISTANCE H240A160026 $278,359 $279,965 $280,940
Montana Disability Rights Montana H240A160027 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
Nebraska NEBRASKA ADVOCACY SERVICES, INC. H240A160028 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
Nevada Nevada Disability Advocacy and Law Center H240A160058 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
New Hampshire DISABILITIES RIGHTS CENTER H240A160030 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
New Jersey Disability Rights New Jersey H240A160031 $410,321 $412,216 $413,553
New Mexico Disability Rights New Mexico H240A160032 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
New Mexico NATIVE AMERICAN P and A PROJECT -- DNA - PEOPLES LEGAL SERVICES H240A160057 $73,600 $73,559 $73,600
New York Disability Rights New York H240A160064 $906,482 $910,236 $912,997
North Carolina Disability Rights North Carolina H240A160009 $456,493 $456,160 $454,957
North Dakota PROTECTION and ADVOCACY PROJECT H240A160035 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
Ohio Ohio Disability Rights Law and Policy Center H240A160063 $532,248 $535,957 $538,565
Oklahoma Oklahoma Disability Law Center H240A160037 $178,028 $178,357 $177,970
Oregon OREGON ADVOCACY CENTER H240A160038 $182,260 $182,040 $181,914
Pennsylvania Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania H240A160039 $587,017 $591,680 $595,448
Rhode Island Rhode Island Disability Law Center H240A160040 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
South Carolina P and A FOR PEOPLE W/DISABILITIES H240A160041 $221,843 $221,170 $220,372
South Dakota SOUTH DAKOTA ADVOCACY SERVICES -- CLIENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM H240A160042 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
Tennessee Disability Rights Tennessee H240A160043 $300,658 $300,892 $301,199
Texas ADVOCACY, INC. -- CLIENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM H240A160044 $1,237,502 $1,225,075 $1,215,721
Utah DISABILITY LAW CENTER -- THE COMMUNITY LEGAL CENTER H240A160045 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
Vermont VERMONT PROTECTION and ADVOCACY, INC H240A160046 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
Virginia Disability Law Center of Virginia H240A160065 $382,231 $382,620 $381,889
Washington Disability Rights Washington H240A160048 $324,171 $322,914 $321,761
West Virginia WEST VIRGINIA ADVOCATES, INC -- CLIENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM H240A160049 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
Wisconsin Disability Rights Wisconsin, Inc. H240A160050 $264,310 $266,001 $267,150
Wyoming WYOMING PROTECTION and ADVOCACY SYSTEM, INC. - CLIENT ASSISTANCE PROG H240A160051 $171,598 $171,598 $171,598
Guam GUAM LEGAL SERVICES CORP., INC. -- PAIR H240A160061 $85,799 $85,799 $85,799
Northern Marianas NORTHERN MARIANA P and A SYSTEMS H240A160054 $85,799 $85,799 $85,799
Virgin Islands VIRGIN ISLANDS ADVOCACY AGENCY H240A160056 $85,799 $85,799 $85,799


FY 2005 Annual Program Performance Report

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Total Awards to RSA Grantees

Note on this table: the numbers shown represent the sum of awards made during the fiscal year to RSA grantees. There may be additional set-asides for the program which are not shown.

CFDA Number Program Number of Awards FY-2016 Current Awards FY-2016 Total Awarded FY-2015 Total Awarded FY-2014
84.240 Protection and Advocacy of Individual Rights (PAIR) 57 $17,332,300 $17,332,300 $17,510,812

Laws, Regulations and Guidance



34 CFR 381


Policy Directives

Other Communication

Items in this section are not policy or subregulatory policy or formal guidance; rather they are general communications to RSA grantees.

  • Accessing and Initiating Changes to Formula Grant Award Notifications
    March 3, 2014
    This document describes the process to be used to request changes to the GAN (Grant Award Notification) such as address; however this process may be used only when the rights and obligations of the grantee are not affected.
     MS Word (48KB) | PDF (232KB)

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David Jones
U.S. Department of Education, OSERS
Rehabilitation Services Administration
400 Maryland Ave., SW, Room 5143, PCP
Washington, DC 20202-2800
Phone: 202-245-7356
Fax: 202-245-7589

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