Rehabilitation Services Administration

American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Services (AIVRS)


Program Office: Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA)

CFDA Number: 84.250
Program Type: Discretionary/Competitive Grants
Also Known As: Sec. 121 Program; American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program

Program Description

The purpose of this program is to assist tribal governments to develop or to increase their capacity to provide a program of vocational rehabilitation services, in a culturally relevant manner, to American Indians with disabilities residing on or near federal or state reservations. The program's goal is to enable these individuals, consistent with their individual strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, and informed choice, to prepare for and engage in gainful employment. Program services are provided under an individualized plan for employment and may include native healing services.


Types of Projects

The program provides financial assistance for the establishment and operations of VR services programs for American Indians with disabilities living on or near a federal or state reservation.


Notice Inviting Applications for New Awards

A notice was published in the Federal Register on February 11, 2016 inviting applications for new awards for the American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Services program.

(February 17, 2016)


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Who May Apply: (specifically) The governing body of an Indian tribe or consortia of such governing bodies located on federal and state reservations may apply.

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Applicant Information

Current and Recent Competitions


Applications Available: February 11, 2016.
Deadline for Transmittal of Applications: April 26, 2016.

Current Application

  • Applications for grants under this competition must be submitted electronically using the Electronic Grant Application System (e-Application) available through the e-Grants portal page at: www.grants.gov.
  • For printed applications contact:
    Education Publications Center
    U.S. Department of Education
    P.O. Box 22207
    Alexandria, VA 22304
    Telephone: (toll free) 1-877-433-7827
    Fax: 703-605-6794
    TDD: (toll free) 1-877-576-7734
    Web site: http://edpubs.ed.gov
    E-mail: edpubs@inet.ed.gov

Other Required Forms

You may also need to download the following required federal forms:

  • Standard Form 424—Application for Federal Education Assistance (Form and Instructions)
  • ED Form 524—Budget Information, Non-Construction Programs
  • ED Form 524—Instructions
  • Standard Form 424B—Assurances, Non-Construction Programs
  • ED80-0013—Certifications Regarding Lobbying; Debarment, Suspension and Other Responsibility Matters; and Drug-Free Workplace Requirements
  • ED80-0014—Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility and Voluntary Exclusion—Lower Tier Covered Transactions
  • Standard Form LLL—Disclosure of Lobbying Activities
  • Survey on Ensuring Equal Opportunity for Applicants

Federal Register Notices

Application Contact

August Martin
U.S. Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration
400 Maryland Avenue, SW, Room 5049, Potomac Center Plaza (PCP)
Washington, DC 20202-2800.
Telephone: (202) 245-7410
Email: August.Martin@ed.gov


Past Competitions

  • CFDA Number 84.250K — closed June 8, 2015

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The RSA Management Information System (RSA-MIS at https://rsa.ed.gov) contains the latest published information about grantee performance in a variety of formats which may be viewed and/or downloaded.

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Prior Annual Performance Reports

FY 2007 Annual Performance Report

FY 2006 Annual Performance Report

FY 2005 Annual Performance Report

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Sonja Turner
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
PCP, Room 5049
Washington, DC 20202
Phone: 202-245-7557
Email: sonja.turner@ed.gov

August Martin
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
PCP, Room 5049
Washington, DC 20202
Phone: 202-245-7410
Email: august.martin@ed.gov

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