Rehabilitation Services Administration

Match Calculator

The Match Calculator can assist agencies in finding the amount of non-federal share (match) needed to fulfill the non-federal share of a grant award. It may also be used to generate the maximum federal amount to be received with a specific amount of a recipients’ share of expenditures, e.g. finding out how much to ask for in reallotment.

Then press the "Calculate minimum match" button.

The match calculator for Supported Employment requires different information than other programs. Grantees are only required to match up to the 50 percent reserve for the provision of supported employment services, including extended services, to youth with the most significant disabilities. The 50 percent reserve is based upon the grantee’s allotment from line 10d of the SF-425 at the end of the year of appropriation. Any SE expenditures for youth with the most significant disabilities in excess of the 50 percent reserve are not required to be matched.

Info: Total Federal funds authorized is line 10d on the SE SF-425.
Info: Federal Expenditures for Youth with the Most Significant Disabilities is line 12a on the SE SF-425.

Then press the "Calculate Supported Employment match" button.

Then press the "Calculate maximum federal funds matched" button.