Rehabilitation Services Administration

Info for new users

Starting Oct. 1, 2015, the process of applying for a user account is simpler.

We have automated the process of obtaining an account. There are five steps. Start by clicking on the words “Info for New Users” on the main RSA page (https://rsa.ed.gov).

In Step 1, select the office to whom you report (select ED/OSERS/RSA) then provide the following information

  • Your first name,
  • Last Name,
  • State,
  • Phone, and
  • Email address.
The Email address is critical — the system will use it now and in the future to communicate important information to you. The telephone is a backup to help us contact you. After filling in these fields, click CONTINUE to go to Step 2.

In Step 2, the system will list the programs for the office you selected in Step 1. Select at least one. Don’t worry about selecting everything you might possibly need — once you have an account we can always add other programs to your account. It may be easier for you to select the most critical program now, and after you obtain the account add other programs later as needed. Check at least one box and click CONTINUE.

In Step 3, the system will show a list of the grantees for the state you selected in Step 1 and the programs you selected in Step 2. You may wish to note the proposed user ID, but don’t worry if you overlook this. We will email it to you later in the process. Check at least one box and click CONTINUE.

If the organization you work for is not listed here, you may have selected the wrong program in Step 1. If that is the case, click the BACK button on your browser and change your selection. In a few cases, your state may differ from the state of your organization (for example, an Indian Reservation that serves multiple states). If this is the case, you may need to back up to Step 1 to change the state to the state of record for your organization.

In Step 4, the system will show a table for each program you selected in Step 2. The table will contain one row for each grantee you checked in Step 3 for each form used by that program. Check the boxes if you need READ ONLY or EDIT access to each form. Only check the forms you absolutely need — please do not check boxes for forms you don’t need. It’s better to get the critical forms now and to add forms once you have your ID. By checking too many, you may delay obtaining your ID, as time will be expended verifying your need for forms you may not need at this time. Select only the critical forms. Don’t ask for everything "just in case" you may want it later.

Step 5 is easy — the system will send an email to the address you entered in Step 1 with a receipt of your request. In that email is a link which you will need to click within the next 24 hours to confirm your request. If you don’t receive an email from the system within the next 30 minutes, check your SPAM or JUNK folder. To ensure delivery of future emails, take a moment now to add RSAMIS.Technical.Support@ed.gov to the Address Book or Contact list in your email program.

When you click the link in the email, the system will notify the appropriate RSA Staff of your request. It may take them several days to contact the appropriate people in your organization to verify the request. Your patience is appreciated.

If your request has not been granted after two weeks, please contact RSAMIS.Technical.Support@ed.gov and we will try to assist, but staff may not be available to expedite new user requests — it’s your responsibility to make the request well in advance of when you require the user ID.