On June 22, 2020, RSA began a phased migration to our new website. This website continues to serve as our platform for sharing information and news related to RSA programs and our repository of guidance, technical assistance, and other resources. The new website includes much of the same content and some of the features of our legacy website. RSA will be adding more content and enhancing features to meet users’ needs. We look forward to receiving feedback and suggestions from our partners as we build a useful website that is accessible to all users.

This website will continue to serve as the RSA Management Information System (RSAMIS) wherein grantees report performance data, fiscal data, and other information to RSA. We anticipates that all data collection forms will be available for use by grantees through the new RSAMIS by the time each report must be submitted. Please review important information for State VR agencies and other RSA grantees related to reporting requirements and RSA's timelines for the various information collections we administer.  

Like the legacy RSAMIS, grantees only need an RSAMIS account if they need to report data. For grantees with existing accounts, RSA has migrated your username to the new RSAMIS; however, you will be required to establish a new password. RSA also migrated existing users’ permissions to data collection forms to the new RSAMIS. We will work with grantees to ensure you have the necessary permissions to data collection forms on the new RSAMIS, thereby ensuring you will be able to submit data when required.

For grantees with existing RSAMIS accounts, instructions for resetting your password are available. For grantees who do not have an account and require one for reporting purposes, instructions for requesting a new account are also available. RSA has also provided reporting instructions for the Case Service Report (RSA-911) and other information collections

The phased migration of this website and the RSAMIS has been and will continue to be a complex information technology project with many challenges. RSA thanks you, in advance, for your partnership and patience as we navigate this project. Please reach out to your RSA State Liaison with feedback or questions.