Rehabilitation Services Administration

Grant Award Information for H129E050004

Awarded for Rehabilitation Training - Long-Term to
University of Kentucky (Nickerson)

Grantee: University of Kentucky (Nickerson)
109 Kinkead Hall
Lexington, KY 40506
Contact person: Robert Nickerson

Actual award(s) for H129E050004

Award infoAward throughAmount
Awards made during FY 2005 09/30/2005 75,280
Awards made during FY 2006 09/30/2006 82,393
Awards made during FY 2007 09/30/2007 84,766
Total   242,439

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ProgramFY 2007FY 2006FY 2005
Rehabilitation Training - Long-Term198,665198,665149,937


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