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RSAMIS Accounts

RSA.ED.GOV serves as RSA's platform for sharing information and news related to RSA Programs and our repository of guidance, technical assistance, and other resources. This website also serves as the RSA Management Information System (RSAMIS) wherein grantees report performance data, fiscal data, and other information to RSA.

Grantee Accounts

RSA will only approve RSAMIS accounts for its grantees who are required to report data through an OMB approved information collection. If you already have a RSAMIS account and you need to reset your password, please follow these instructions.

For RSA grantees who require a RSAMIS account to report data, please review these instructions. Before establishing a grantee’s RSAMIS account, RSA will verify with the grantee's leadership whether the account should be approved.

All RSAMIS accounts are subject to 90-day auto-disablement. If grantees do not log-into the RSAMIS for a period of 90 days, RSA will disable the account and users will be required to reestablish their accounts if necessary. RSA will email users two weeks before the 90th day and emails will continue on a daily basis until the user logs-in or the account is disabled.

Public Access

RSA will not approve RSAMIS accounts for members of the public or other stakeholders. If you are interested in reviewing published data, please visit RSA’s open data platform at View Data. Please note that some RSA reports are published elsewhere in different formats, such as WIOA Annual ReportsWIOA Unified and Combined State PlansVR Program Monitoring ReportsRandolph-Sheppard Arbitration Panel Decisions; and RSA’s Annual Reports to Congress

Please contact Technical Support with any questions or feedback related to RSA.ED.GOV and the RSAMIS.