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Fiscal Year: 2022
Grant Award Number Sort descending State Grantee Total Amount Awarded
H126A220001 Alaska Alaska Dept of Labor and Workforce Development - Division of Vocational Rehab $4,397,246
H126A220002 Arizona Arizona Rehabilitation Services Administration $31,437,998
H126A220005 California California Department of Rehabilitation $114,681,035
H126A220007 Connecticut Bureau of Rehabilitation Services $7,345,096
H126A220008 Connecticut Services for the Blind, Vocational Rehabilitation Program $1,296,193
H126A220009 Delaware Delaware Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $3,781,632
H126A220010 Delaware Delaware Division for the Visually Impaired - Dhhs Campus $615,614
H126A220011 District of Columbia Rehabilitation Services Administration, Dc Dept. On Disability Services $6,030,781
H126A220015 Hawaii Hawaii Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $5,003,178
H126A220016 Idaho Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $7,103,953
H126A220017 Idaho Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired $1,108,710
H126A220018 Illinois Illinois Division of Rehabilitation Services $45,896,957
H126A220019 Indiana Indiana Bureau of Rehabilitation Services $31,446,195
H126A220020 Iowa Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services $11,281,776
H126A220021 Iowa Iowa Department for the Blind $2,646,343
H126A220022 Kansas Kansas Department for Children and Families $12,094,477
H126A220025 Louisiana Louisiana Rehabilitation Services $23,882,207
H126A220026 Maine Maine Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $5,360,180
H126A220027 Maryland Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services $18,110,319
H126A220028 Massachusetts Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission $16,221,278
H126A220029 Massachusetts Massachusetts Commission for the Blind $2,862,578
H126A220032 Minnesota Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services $16,727,529
H126A220033 Minnesota Minnesota State Services for the Blind $3,671,897
H126A220034 Mississippi Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services $18,275,745
H126A220036 Missouri Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation $24,943,308
H126A220037 Missouri Missouri Rehabilitation Services for the Blind $3,727,161
H126A220038 Montana Montana Disability Employment and Transitions Division $2,226,318
H126A220039 Nebraska Nebraska Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $6,514,353
H126A220040 Nebraska Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired $1,194,941
H126A220041 Nevada Nevada Rehabilitation Division $11,380,263
H126A220042 New Hampshire New Hampshire Division of Career Technology and Adult Learning $4,599,001
H126A220043 New Jersey New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services $19,577,847
H126A220044 New Jersey New Jersey Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired $4,894,462
H126A220045 New Mexico New Mexico Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $8,738,396
H126A220046 New Mexico New Mexico Commission for the Blind $1,983,562
H126A220047 New York New York Office of Adult Career and Continuing Education Services $48,537,359
H126A220048 New York New York Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped $9,245,211
H126A220049 North Carolina North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services $41,249,784
H126A220050 North Carolina North Carolina Division of Services for the Blind $6,715,081
H126A220051 North Dakota North Dakota Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $4,397,246
H126A220052 Ohio Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities $52,888,103
H126A220053 Oklahoma Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services $18,842,019
H126A220054 Oregon Oregon Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services $14,435,095
H126A220055 Oregon Oregon Commission for the Blind $2,668,098
H126A220056 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation $51,997,909
H126A220058 Rhode Island Rhode Island Office of Rehabilitation Services $4,397,246
H126A220060 South Carolina South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department $22,106,203
H126A220061 South Carolina South Carolina Commission for the Blind $3,303,226
H126A220062 South Dakota South Dakota Division of Rehabilitation Services $3,517,797
H126A220063 Tennessee Tennessee Division of Rehabilitation Services $31,940,006
H126A220067 Vermont Vermont Vocational Rehabilitation Division $3,869,576
H126A220068 Vermont Vermont Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired $527,670
H126A220069 Virginia Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services $25,695,019
H126A220070 Virginia Virginia Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired $3,839,486
H126A220071 Washington Washington State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $19,522,512
H126A220072 Washington Washington Department of Services for the Blind $3,718,574
H126A220074 Wisconsin Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $25,134,326
H126A220075 Wyoming Wyoming Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $4,397,246
H126A220076 American Samoa American Samoa Office of Vocational Rehabilitation $361,901
H126A220077 Guam Guam Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $1,231,493
H126A220078 Northern Marianas Northern Marianas Office of Vocational Rehabilitation $341,674
H126A220080 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Vocational Rehabilitation Administration $26,449,817
H126A220081 Virgin Islands Virgin Islands Division for Disabilities and Rehabilitation Services $837,932
H126A220082 Alabama Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services $26,663,712
H126A220084 South Dakota South Dakota Division of Services To the Blind and Visually Impaired $879,449
H126A220085 Maine Maine Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired $1,216,728
H126A220086 Florida Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $69,086,051
H126A220087 Florida Florida Division of Blind Services $14,150,155
H126A220089 Georgia Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency $47,083,480
H126A220091 Colorado Colorado Department of Labor and Employment $18,916,911
H126A220092 Texas Texas Workforce Commission $114,064,235
H126A220094 Utah Utah State Office of Rehabilitation $14,075,306
H126A220095 West Virginia West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services $10,841,455
H126A220096 Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (Ky-C) $23,864,073
H126A220097 Arkansas Arkansas Rehabilitation Services $13,976,488
H126A220098 Arkansas Arkansas Division of Services for the Blind $1,905,885
H126A220099 Michigan Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity $38,364,772
H126A220100 Michigan Bureau of Services for Blind Persons $6,770,254