Grant Award Details

Fiscal Year: 2019
Grant Award Number Sort descending State Grantee Total Amount Awarded
H126A190001 Alaska Alaska Dept of Labor and Workforce Development - Division of Vocational Rehab $12,068,755
H126A190002 Arizona Arizona Rehabilitation Services Administration $93,555,695
H126A190003 Arkansas Arkansas Rehabilitation Services $29,456,355
H126A190005 California California Department of Rehabilitation $315,661,798
H126A190007 Connecticut Bureau of Rehabilitation Services $24,445,859
H126A190008 Connecticut Services for the Blind, Vocational Rehabilitation Program $4,668,526
H126A190009 Delaware Delaware Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $12,148,618
H126A190010 Delaware Delaware Division for the Visually Impaired - Dhhs Campus $1,771,625
H126A190011 District of Columbia Rehabilitation Services Administration, Dc Dept. On Disability Services $14,926,132
H126A190015 Hawaii Hawaii Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $13,379,872
H126A190016 Idaho Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $17,113,470
H126A190017 Idaho Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired $2,944,299
H126A190018 Illinois Illinois Division of Rehabilitation Services $115,031,590
H126A190019 Indiana Indiana Bureau of Rehabilitation Services $64,053,521
H126A190020 Iowa Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services $27,140,102
H126A190021 Iowa Iowa Department for the Blind $6,366,197
H126A190022 Kansas Kansas Department for Children and Families $28,475,778
H126A190025 Louisiana Louisiana Rehabilitation Services $34,327,448
H126A190026 Maine Maine Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $13,755,565
H126A190027 Maryland Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services $47,197,460
H126A190028 Massachusetts Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission $45,453,985
H126A190029 Massachusetts Massachusetts Commission for the Blind $9,815,409
H126A190031 Michigan Bureau of Services for Blind Persons $9,562,038
H126A190032 Minnesota Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services $45,550,129
H126A190033 Minnesota Minnesota State Services for the Blind $9,244,760
H126A190034 Mississippi Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services $44,680,926
H126A190036 Missouri Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation $61,708,524
H126A190037 Missouri Missouri Rehabilitation Services for the Blind $9,220,814
H126A190038 Montana Montana Disability Employment and Transitions Division $10,260,220
H126A190039 Nebraska Nebraska Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $21,456,292
H126A190040 Nebraska Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired $4,089,963
H126A190041 Nevada Nevada Rehabilitation Division $22,676,637
H126A190042 New Hampshire New Hampshire Division of Career Technology and Adult Learning $11,425,983
H126A190043 New Jersey New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services $49,674,931
H126A190044 New Jersey New Jersey Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired $14,918,733
H126A190045 New Mexico New Mexico Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $21,343,980
H126A190046 New Mexico New Mexico Commission for the Blind $4,844,953
H126A190047 New York New York Office of Adult Career and Continuing Education Services $132,403,120
H126A190048 New York New York Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped $27,752,658
H126A190049 North Carolina North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services $96,207,273
H126A190050 North Carolina North Carolina Division of Services for the Blind $14,705,354
H126A190051 North Dakota North Dakota Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $10,868,755
H126A190052 Ohio Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities $99,548,657
H126A190053 Oklahoma Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services $42,141,262
H126A190054 Oregon Oregon Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services $51,515,366
H126A190055 Oregon Oregon Commission for the Blind $9,086,600
H126A190056 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation $156,358,593
H126A190058 Rhode Island Rhode Island Office of Rehabilitation Services $13,106,895
H126A190060 South Carolina South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department $58,208,217
H126A190061 South Carolina South Carolina Commission for the Blind $8,399,791
H126A190062 South Dakota South Dakota Division of Rehabilitation Services $8,695,004
H126A190063 Tennessee Tennessee Division of Rehabilitation Services $54,964,517
H126A190067 Vermont Vermont Vocational Rehabilitation Division $11,800,523
H126A190068 Vermont Vermont Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired $1,511,289
H126A190069 Virginia Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services $67,689,655
H126A190070 Virginia Virginia Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired $10,370,416
H126A190071 Washington Washington State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $53,697,549
H126A190072 Washington Washington Department of Services for the Blind $14,866,200
H126A190074 Wisconsin Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $64,836,101
H126A190075 Wyoming Wyoming Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $10,868,755
H126A190076 American Samoa American Samoa Office of Vocational Rehabilitation $918,572
H126A190077 Guam Guam Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $2,076,169
H126A190078 Northern Marianas Northern Marianas Office of Vocational Rehabilitation $853,772
H126A190080 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Vocational Rehabilitation Administration $44,857,077
H126A190081 Virgin Islands Virgin Islands Division for Disabilities and Rehabilitation Services $2,098,888
H126A190082 Alabama Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services $65,444,024
H126A190084 South Dakota South Dakota Division of Services To the Blind and Visually Impaired $2,173,751
H126A190085 Maine Maine Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired $3,041,815
H126A190086 Florida Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation $161,156,579
H126A190087 Florida Florida Division of Blind Services $34,310,195
H126A190089 Georgia Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency $100,000,000
H126A190090 Michigan Michigan Rehabilitation Services $68,143,118
H126A190091 Colorado Colorado Department of Labor and Employment $47,794,163
H126A190092 Texas Texas Workforce Commission $248,760,884
H126A190094 Utah Utah State Office of Rehabilitation $35,086,435
H126A190095 West Virginia West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services $32,388,326
H126A190096 Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (Ky-C) $58,865,827
H126A190097 Arkansas Arkansas Rehabilitation Services $8,863,350
H126A190098 Arkansas Arkansas Division of Services for the Blind $3,367,696
H126A190099 Michigan Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity $34,012,575
H126A190100 Michigan Bureau of Services for Blind Persons $8,655,614