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Federal Financial Reporting

Guide for Requesting Changes to Grantee Information on Formula Grant Award Notifications

On October 21, 2022, RSA revised its Guide that provides technical assistance about information included on Grant Award Notifications (GANs) and how to request changes to that information. RSA will only make changes to grant awards in an “open” status in G5.

Formula Award Information Collections and Reporting Deadlines

In the Spring of 2021, RSA partnered with the VRTAC-QM to develop this technical assistance tool to help VR agencies and other grantees track the information collections RSA manages for formula awards and the deadlines for submitting these data to RSA. This tool includes details related to the fiscal information collections, including the RSA-17, RSA-692, SF-425 reports, and the Certification Regarding Lobbying Form

Vocational Rehabilitation Financial Report (RSA-17): SF-425/RSA-2 Data Element Comparison

This comparison document lists the RSA-2 and SF-425 data elements that are comparable to RSA-17 data elements and outlines differences between the three information collections. VR agencies may use this technical assistance tool when developing their internal controls related to the RSA-17 to ensure the correct data is being reported.