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About Fiscal Unit

Functions and Responsibilities 

  • Developing and maintaining fiscal performance data profiles for RSA formula award grantees;
  • Implementing a fiscal monitoring process to determine if grantees are meeting their fiscal obligations under statute;
  • Overseeing the resolution of audit findings (single audits, inspector general audits, Government Accountability Office reports; 
  • Supporting the fiscal monitoring reviews and audit resolution activities carried out by the RSA State Teams;
  • Monitoring formula grant matching requirements and computing maintenance of effort; and
  • Applying statutory requirements for the allotment of funds for rehabilitation programs.

Fiscal Unit Staff

Financial Management Specialists are assigned specific States and other grantees with whom they work. When corresponding with staff in the Fiscal Unit, please include the FAIN associated with the request in the subject line of your email.

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Getting Help

  1. For help with G5 (g5.gov), the U.S. Department of Education’s Financial Management System for Grant Awards, contact the EDCAPS Helpdesk at (202) 401-6238.
  2. For program-related questions, contact the RSA State Liaison
  3. For fiscal-related questions, email the Financial Management Specialist assigned to the State and copy the RSA State Liaison