State Liaison for Nebraska

For Nebraska, the RSA liaison is Jason Hunter, who can be reached by email at or by phone at 202-245-7574.

The liaison named by RSA for each state can answer questions or address concerns regarding the following programs under the Rehabilitation Act:

For other programs, consult the RSA Programs page. Click on the program name, then click on the word 'Contacts'.

Vocational Rehabilitation Program Contact Information


Vocational Rehabilitation Program State Team

Name Phone E-mail Description
Craig McManus 202-245-6579 Fiscal Unit
Jason Hunter 202-245-7574 TA Unit
Jessica Davis 202-245-6047 VR Unit
Jim Doyle 202-245-6630 VR Unit
Shannon Moler 202-245-7499 VR Unit
Yann-Yann Shieh 202-245-7247 Data Unit