RSA-227 - Annual Client Assistance Program (CAP) Report


General Information

Designated Agency Identification

NameMississippi Society for Disabilities
AddressP.O. Box 4958
Address Line 2
CityJackson MS 39216
Zip Code39296
Website Address
TTY 601-362-2585
Toll-free Phone800-962-2400
Toll-free TTY800-962-2400

Operating Agency (if different from Designated Agency)

NameMississippi Society for Disabilities
AddressP.O. Box 4958
Address Line 2
CityJackson MS 39296
Zip Code39296
Website Address
Toll-free Phone800-962-2400
Toll-free TTY800-962-2400

Additional Information

Name of CAP Director/CoordinatorJonny McGinn
Person to contact regarding reportJohnny McGinn
Contact Person Phone601-362-2585

Part I. Agency Workload Data

A. Information and Referral Services (I&R)

Multiple responses are not permitted.

1. Information regarding the Rehabilitation Act0
2. Information regarding Title I of the ADA0
3. Other information provided217
4. Total I&R services provided (Lines A1+A2+A3)217
5. Individuals attending trainings by CAP staff (approximate)0

B. Individuals served

An individual is counted only once during a fiscal year. Multiple counts are not permitted for Lines B1-B3.

1. Individuals who are still being served as of October 1 (carryover from prior year)0
2. Additional individuals who were served during the year29
3. Total individuals served (Lines B1+B2)29
4. Individuals (from Line B3) who had multiple case files opened/closed this year. (In unusual situations, an individual may have more than one case file opened/closed during a fiscal year. This number is not added to the total in Line B3 above.)1

C. Individual still being served as of September 30

Carryover to next year. This total may not exceed Line I.B3. 0

D. Reasons for closing individuals' case files

Choose one primary reason for closing each case file. There may be more case files than the total number of individuals served to account for those unusual situations, referred to in Line I.B4, when an individual had multiple case files closed during the year.

1. All issues resolved in individual's favor3
2. Some issues resolved in individual's favor (when there are multiple issues)7
3. CAP determines VR agency position/decision was appropriate for the individual14
4. Individual's case lacks legal merit; (inappropriate for CAP intervention)0
5. Individual chose alternative representation0
6. Individual decided not to pursue resolution3
7. Appeals were unsuccessful0
8. CAP services not needed due to individual's death, relocation, etc.0
9. Individual refused to cooperate with CAP2
10. CAP unable to take case due to lack of resources0
11. Other (please explain)

We didn’t have any others.

E. Results achieved for individuals

1. Controlling law/policy explained to individual24
2. Application for services completed.2
3. Eligibility determination expedited3
4. Individual participated in evaluation0
5. IPE developed/implemented0
6. Communication re-established between individual and other party0
7. Individual assigned to new counselor/office0
8. Alternative resources identified for individual0
9. ADA/504/EEO/OCR/ complaint made0
10. Other0
11. Other (please explain)

Part II. Program Data

A. Age

As of the beginning of the fiscal year. Multiple responses are not permitted.

1. 21 and under1
2. 22 - 409
3. 41 - 6413
4. 65 and over6
5. Total (Sum of Lines A1 through A4. Total must equal Line I.B3.)29

B. Gender

Multiple responses not permitted.

1. Female12
2. Male17
3. Total (Sum of Lines B1 and B2. Total must equal Line I.B3.)29

C. Race/ethnicity

1. Hispanic/Latino of any race0
For individuals who are non-Hispanic/Latino only
2. American Indian or Alaskan Native0
3. Asian0
4. Black or African American15
5. Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander0
6. White14
7. Two or more races0
8. Race/ethnicity unknown0

D. Primary disabling condition of individuals served

Multiple responses not permitted.

1. Blindness (both eyes)1
2. Other visual impairments1
3. Deafness1
4. Hard of hearing3
5. Deaf-blind0
6. Orthopedic impairments11
7. Absense of extremities1
8. Mental illness3
9. Substance abuse (alcohol or drugs)0
10. Mental retardation3
11. Specific learning disabilities (SLD)0
12. Neurological disorders3
13. Respiratory disorders0
14. Heart and other circulatory conditions0
15. Digestive disorders0
16. Genitourinary conditions0
17. Speech Impairments0
18. AIDS/HIV positive0
19. Traumatic brain injury (TBI)0
20. All other disabilities2
21. Disabilities not known0
22. Total (Sum of Lines D1 through D21. Total must equal Line I. B3.)29

E. Types of individuals served

Multiple responses permitted.

1. Applicants of VR Program9
2. Clients of VR Program14
3. Applicants or clients of IL Program6
4. Applicants or clients of other programs and projects funded under the Act0

F. Source of individual's concern

Multiple responses permitted.

1. VR agency only28
2. Other Rehabilitation Act sources only1
3. Both VR agency and other Rehabilitation Act sources0
4. Employer0

G. Problem areas

Multiple responses permitted.

1. Individual requests information10
2. Communication problems between individual and counselor1
3. Conflict about services to be provided16
4. Related to application/eligibility process2
5. Related to IPE development/implementation0
6. Other Rehabilitation Act-related problems0
7. Non-Rehabilitation Act related0
8. Related to Title I of the ADA0

H. Types of CAP services provided

Choose one primary CAP service provided for each case file/service record.

1. Information/referral10
2. Advisory/interpretational16
3. Negotiation0
4. Administrative/informal review0
5. Alternative dispute resolution0
6. Formal appeal/fair hearing0
7. Legal remedy0
8. Transportation0

Part III. Narrative


The Program: The Mississippi Client Assistance Program (MSCAP) is a statewide advocacy program serving individuals receiving or seeking services from the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services (MDRS) specifically the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind (OVRB) and the Independent Living program as well as community rehabilitation programs. The program is located in the Mississippi Society for Disabilities, a non-profit organization located at 500G Woodrow Wilson Drive, Jackson, Mississippi.

Source of Funding:

Source Total expenditures spent on individuals

Federal Funds 117,709

State Funds 0

All other funds 0

Total from all sources

Budget: Category FY 2012-2013 FY 2014-2015 Wages & Salaries 55176 60000 Fringe Benefits 7878 11500 Material & Supplies 1500 1500 Postage 600 500 Telephone 3000 3000 Rent 16086 10000 Travel 12000 11000 Copying/Printing 3500 3500 Insurance 3000 4000 Equipment/R or P. 800 1000 Legal Services 3000 3000 Indirect Cost 9600 9600 Miscellaneous 4860 1400 Total Budget 120000 120000

Number of Person Years: type of position Full-time equivalent % year position filled Person —years

Professional Full-time 1 100% 7 years

Part-time 0 0 0

Vacant 0 0 0

Clerical Full-time 1 100% 12

Part-time 0 0 0

Vacant 0 0 0 Summary of Presentations made

Month Events Number of Disabled 10/8/13 Spoke to Addie McBryde Center 9 disabled (D)10 total 10/9/13 MS Transportation Coalition meeting 3 (D) 23 total 10/14/13 Talked to Counselor about client- Forest MDRS office 10/15/13 TBI/SCI Support group meeting 11(D) 15 total 10/16/13 Special Education Advisory meeting 3(D) 22 total 10/22/13 Disability Awareness Day in Oxford-demonstrated wheelchair tennis 10/23-25/13 Building Partnership Advisory Conference 9 (D)-300 total 10/31/13 Community Partnership Advisory Council (CPAC) 5 (D) 13 total 11/1/13 Rehabilitation Council (SRC) quarterly meeting 4 (D) 11 total 11/13/13 Attended ADA Expo at Metro Center Mall 11/15/14 Spoke at Region I managers meeting in Oxford, MS 2 (D) 10 total 11/18-20/13 Attended APSE conference 12/3/13 3rd MS Partnership for Employment (MSPE) meeting 4 (D) 23 total 12/4/13 SEAP meeting 3 (D) 20 total 12/11/13 MSPE meeting 3 (D) 18 total 12/12/13 Spoke at LIFE office -Jackson 8 (D) 9 total 12/19/13 Talked to OSPD office about a client 1/8/14 MS Transportation Coalition meeting 2 (D) 16 total 1/10/14 Attended USPTA Conference 1/14/14 MSPE meeting 2 (D) 13 total 1/15/14 Spoke to VRB at Addie McBryde Center 2 (D) 10 total 1/22/14 Institute for Disability Studies meeting 5 (D) 8 total 1/23/14 MS Self Advocacy team meeting 5 (D) 9 total 1/30/14 Job Fair through MDRS at Ag Center 2/5/14 Spoke to MDRS District V 3 (D) 19 total 2/6/14 Attended Transportation for Intermodal MS 2/11/14 Spoke at MDRS main office 2 (D) 23 total 2/12/14 MS Transportation Coalition meeting 3 (D) 13 total 2/13-14/14 Attended Special Ed. Conference 2/19/14 SEAP Meeting 2 (D) 16 total 2/26/14 Attended CPAC & MS Self Advocacy Team Meeting 4 (D) 11 total 3/6/14 MS Partnership for Employment Stakeholders Meeting 2 (D) 18 total 3/7/14 SRC Quarterly meeting 5 (D) 23 total 3/18/14 LIFE meeting about transportation 3/19/14 MS Transportation Coalition Meeting 2 (D) 11 total 3/25/14 MSPE Consortium Meeting 4 (D) 13 total 4/2/14 Danny Frazier VR about case 4/4/14 LIFE Meeting in Jackson office 8 (D) 10 total 4/8/14 Attended Crime Victim’s Rights meeting 1 (D) 12 total 4/9/14 MS Transportation Coalition Meeting 1 (D) 12 total 4/11-13/14 Conducted wheelchair tennis tournament & clinic 30 (D) 50 total 4/15-16/14 SEAP meeting 2 (D) 23 total 4/17/14 Spoke to VRB at Addie McBryde Center 4 (D) 9 total 4/24/14 Transition Expo at Hardy middle School 4/25/14 Attended ARC Meeting 5/8/14 Youth Summit in Hernando 33 (D) 38 total 5/14/14 SEAP meeting 2 (D) 14 total 5/15/14 Institute for Disabilities Studies Meeting 2 (D) 12 total 5/17/14 Helped with Operation PROP 150-200 5/19/14 Spoke to LIFE Jackson 9 (D) 10 total 5/21/14 Spinal Cord Injury source fair 5/23/14 Spoke to MDRS District VI meeting 2 (D) 24 total 5/27/14 Employment Work Group 2 (D) 13 total 5/29/14 MDRS Meridian Office 1 (D) 7 total 5/31/14 Trans-Com transportation meeting 2 (D) 20 total 6/5-7/14 NDRS Conference 30-40 (D) 200 plus total 6/10-11/14 Community Wellness Conference 7 (D) 100 plus total 6/12-13/14 MEGA Conference 50-60 (D) 250 plus total 6/17/14 MSPE Meeting 3 (D) 28 total 6/18/14 SEAP 2 (D) 20 total 6/19/14 Facilities Advisory meeting 4 (D) 8 total 6/20/14 CPAC meeting 4 (D) 14 total 6/24/14 Webinar on Low Tech Worksite Accommodations 6/25/14 Spoke at MDRS Kosciusko office and AbilityWorks 4 (D) 19 total 7/1/14 Special Education Task Force 2 (D) 28 total 7/8/14 Addie McBryde Center 7 (D) 8 total 7/15/14 ARC refreshment course on advocating for people with disabilities 8 (D) 32 total 7/17-18/14 MS Dept. of Transportation Conference (MDOT) 15-20 (D) 150-200 total 7/25/14 Trans-Com meeting 1 (D) 21 total 7/29/14 MDRS Rankin Office/ RMS/START 3 (D) 23 total 8/6/14 MDRS McComb District VIII Office 3 (D) 15 total 8/9/14 Outreach In Hattiesburg, MS for disabled sports 21 (D) 40 total 8/14/14 MDRS Office Laurel office 1 (D) 12 total 8/22/14 Trans-Com meeting 1 (D) 16 total 8/27/14 Rehabilitation Association of MS conference 20-30 (D) 250 plus total 9/4/14 Children’s Clinic to speak to a family 9/5/14 SRC Quarterly meeting 4 (D) 28 total 9/9/14 MSPE meeting 5 (D) 28 total 9/10/14 MS Transportation Coalition meeting 3 (D) 19 total 9/11/14 MDRS Tupelo District II meeting 2 (D) 15 total 9/16/14 CPAC meeting in Hernado, MS 28 (D) 35 total 9/18/14 Facilities Advisory Meeting 8 (D) 10 total 9/23/14 Choctaw Reservation Fair 50-75 (D) 150 total 9/24/14 SEAP meeting 3 (D) 27 total Involvement with advisory boards: The MSCAP staff is active in matters of the State of Mississippi Advisory Board for Vocational Rehabilitation, Mississippi Industries for the Blind and Mississippi Vision Specialty Research and Training Center. The director of MSCAP is a member of the State Rehabilitation Council for the State of Mississippi and the State Independent Living Counsel. Outreach to the Underserved: CAP has distributed CAP brochures, cassette’s, CD’s and posters in the Mississippi Delta and other rural parts of Mississippi through other programs and grants.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Clients are informed by MDRS and MSCAP of their option of using mediation. Systems Change: 1. MSCAP encouraged the MDRS to adopt an Order of Selection to ensure services to the most severely disabled in the State.

2. Successfully gotten reversals of several decisions regarding direct provision of services to individuals.

3. Assistive Technology Services (AT) are being provided more frequently in the state as a result of the Client Assistance Programs’ relationship with MDRS.

4. Blind students using reader service at some State University now have their readers paid and hired through the university support services. This is more efficient and makes accessing services easier.

5. The MDRS has modified its paperwork to eliminate conflicts with clients.

Interesting cases: The client has intellectual disabilities resulting in inappropriate actions such as touching and talking to females in a derogatory manner. The client was doing well at AbilityWorks until he complained to his mother that he was being verbally abused by the vocational rehabilitation staff and other clients. The mother contact CAP about the problems and upon investigating there appeared that there were two different stories.

CAP interceded in the situation and had a meeting with the regional manager, the AbilityWorks staff, his counselor, his mother and him. The results of the meeting were that if he continued inappropriate actions that he would have to receive counseling. The client decided that he wanted to do gardening or become a barber.

MDRS through their LINKS program had an opportunity to help him in his gardening endeavors.



This Report is Complete and Correct.Yes
Date Signed:21-Nov-14
Name of Designated Agency Official:Johnny McGinn
Title of Designated Agency Official:CAP Director