Rehabilitation Services Administration

Technical Assistance Circulars

Technical Assistance Circulars from the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA).

The following table lists non-retired Technical Assistance Circulars (TACs) by date issued. Click on the RSA Number to view the document in PDF format.

Date IssuedRSA NumberTitlePDF Size
Sep 11, 2017TAC-17-05WIOA Annual Performance Report Submission28KB
Aug 17, 2017TAC-17-01Performance Accountability Guidance for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Title I, Title II, Title III and Title IV Core Programs1.5MB
Jun 1, 2017TAC-17-04Guidance on the Use of Supplemental Wage Information to Implement the Performance Accountability Requirements under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act123KB
Jan 18, 2017TAC-17-03Infrastructure Funding of the One-Stop Delivery System219KB
Jan 18, 2017TAC-17-02One-Stop Operations Guidance for the American Job Center Network235KB
Aug 17, 2015TAC-15-02Vision for the State Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program as a Partner in the Workforce Development System under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act69KB
Aug 13, 2015TAC-15-01Vision for the One-Stop Delivery System under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)99KB
Jul 9, 2013TAC-13-02Reorganization of the Designated State Agency and the Designated State Unit for the Vocational Rehabilitation Program99KB
Jun 11, 2012TAC-12-04Provision of Vocational Rehabilitation Services to an Individual by More Than One Agency52KB
Apr 16, 2012TAC-12-03Organizational Structure and Non-Delegable Responsibilities of the Designated State Unit for the Vocational Rehabilitation Program. 73KB
Nov 21, 2005TAC-06-01Factors State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies Should Consider When Determining Whether a Job Position Within a Community Rehabilitation Program is Deemed to be in an Integrated Setting for Purposes of the Vocational Rehabilitation Program.42KB
Jul 24, 2000TAC-00-02Self-employment, Telecommuting, and Establishing a Small Business as Employment Outcomes.27KB
Nov 3, 1997TAC-98-01Support Services for Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities and Others Who Need Assistance in Implementing Informed Choice.48KB


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