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Getting information out of RSA.ED.GOV

The RSA-MIS offers several ways to get to information about RSA grantees. All of these are available to the public (you don't need a user ID to run these!). Among them are

  • View info about your state
    This report allows you to see all of the grant information recorded in RSA.ED.GOV and will allow you to view published data. It contains descriptions of each of the RSA programs supported by RSA.ED.GOV, shows you the grant award made to a state, lists RSA.ED.GOV forms that support the program in that state, and - where data has been published - gives links to the data submitted by the state agency.

  • Download databases
    This option allows you to download the data for all states and agencies for particular RSA forms into an MS Excel spreadsheet that you can save on your computer.

  • Ad hoc query
    Allows you to interactively query the RSA-MIS database. Please refer to the page How to use Ad hoc query.

  • Quick Tables
    Generate custom tables and graphs from RSA data. Please refer to the page How to use Quick tables.

  • Publications and general information
    This option allows you to view and download Standards and Indicators, Promising Practices, a blank AIVRS form, etc.

  • Annual Review Reports
    In order to provide state vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies, disability advocates, VR consumers and service providers, and other VR stakeholders with information on the performance of the federal/state VR program, OSERS' Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) has published the Annual Review Reports for fiscal years 2006 and 2005 for each of the 80 state VR agencies.

  • Survey Results
    Results of the RSA Customer Satisfaction Survey about the FY 2007 Monitoring of Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies (OMB form 1800-0011)


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