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Entering information into RSA.ED.GOV

To enter information into RSA.ED.GOV, click on DATA ENTRY on the RSA.ED.GOV Home Page.

You will see a list of grants to which you have been given access. If nothing shows up, click the word LOGOFF on the menu bar on the left, then log in again. If the problem persists, contact technical support.

For each Performance Report you've been given access to (such as the SF-269 or the CAP) you will see a box with the State, Grantee Name, PR Award Number, Award FY, Report though date, and Status. These will be listed most recent report first, including reports have not yet been entered.


Performance reports are tagged with a status in RSA.ED.GOV. Here's a list of the statuses we use and what they mean.

  • Not entered
    These reports have not yet been entered into the system. Reports at this status are placeholders for future reports. If you need to enter information in a report at this status, contact Technical Support and provide the PR Award ID and the Report Through date.

  • Partially saved
    These reports that are open for data entry but are not yet complete. Users who have been given authority to add and update data will see a buttons labeled View and Add/Update. Reports will remain at this status until users click on the button labeled Mark as complete and submit to RSA, at which point the reports will be closed to further changes.

  • Complete
    These reports have been flagged as complete by a user with authority to add and update. RSA staff review reports at this status. Reports will remain at this status until RSA staff indicate the report is Approved. The reports may still be viewed by users who have been given authority to view data, but may not be changed unless a request is made to Disapprove the report.

  • Approved
    These reports have been flagged as approved by RSA staff. Reports will remain at this status until such time as RSA staff decides to mark the report as Published.

  • Published
    Reports marked as Published are available to the public for viewing. Note: some reports may never be published, depending on the program and the report. RSA-113, RSA-2 and Annual Review Reports are routinely published, while SF-269s have never been published.

Details on Specific Forms

Specific detailed information about entering the following reports is also available. While viewing a form in Data Entry, look for the words Other Related Documents at the bottom of the form. Click on those words to open a list of the latest documents related to that particular form.

RSA-911 Aggregated Data

The RSA-MIS displays aggregate data from RSA's case service report. Beginning with MIS release 1.25a, data is aggregated by state agency and also in a variety of other subsets of data, also by state agency.

The aggregations currently supported are

  • Agency totals
  • Closure status 1: Employment without supports in integrated setting
  • Closure status 2: Extended employment
  • Closure status 3: Self-employment
  • Closure status 4: BEP
  • Closure status 5 or 6: Homemakers and unpaid family workers
  • Closure status 5: Homemaker
  • Closure status 6: Unpaid family worker
  • Closure status 7: Employment with supports in integrated setting
  • Competitive employment
  • Disability: cognitive
  • Disability: communicative
  • Disability: mental
  • Disability: other mental
  • Disability: physical
  • Disability: psychosocial
  • Disability: visual
  • Over 65
  • SSDI Beneficiaries
  • SSI Recipients and SSDI Beneficiaries
  • SSI Recipients
  • Supported competitive employment with SD
  • Supported competitive employment
  • Transition age competitively employed
  • Transition age

We have attempted to make the data compatible with prior data previously posted; however the project of presenting data in this manner has reveal anolamlies in the way we had been presenting data in the past. If you are comparing RSA-911 data in MIS version 1.25a with data downloaded in the past, please be advised of the following changes in data.

  1. Hours worked and months worked figures differ from previously posted numbers due to a change in the computation method.
  2. Wage figures for all years differ slightly from previously posted numbers due to rounding.
  3. The average difference in time to close in months in some cases differs from previously posted data slightly due to aggregation and rounding differences
  4. For columns related to other mental impairments, in the previously posted data for 2007 and earlier we combined these with psychosocial impairments. With this version we are now separating them for all years.
  5. For Over 65 and Transition Age, data previously posted was based on age at closure and data currently posted is based on age at application.


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