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RSA-227 Submission Report

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Report-through: 9/30/2019
State Grant Award View
Alabama H161A190057 View
Alaska H161A190061 View
American Samoa H161A190052 View
Arizona H161A190002 View
Arkansas H161A190003 View
California H161A190066 View
Colorado H161A190005 View
Connecticut H161A190071 View
Delaware H161A190007 View
District of Columbia H161A190062 View
Florida H161A190009 View
Georgia H161A190060 View
Guam H161A190011 View
Hawaii H161A190012 View
Idaho H161A190059 View
Illinois H161A190014 View
Indiana H161A190015 View
Iowa H161A190016 View
Kansas H161A190013 View
Kentucky H161A190018 View
Louisiana H161A190019 View
Maine H161A190020 View
Maryland H161A190021 View
Massachusetts H161A190022 View
Michigan H161A190010 View
Minnesota H161A190024 View
Mississippi H161A190025 View
Missouri H161A190026 View
Montana H161A190027 View
Nebraska H161A190028 View
Nevada H161A190064 View
New Hampshire H161A190030 View
New Jersey H161A190031 View
New Mexico H161A190068 View
New Mexico H161A190032 View
New York H161A190065 View
North Carolina H161A190034 View
North Dakota H161A190035 View
Northern Marianas H161A190053 View
Ohio H161A190063 View
Oklahoma H161A190037 View
Oregon H161A190038 View
Pennsylvania H161A190039 View
Puerto Rico H161A190055 View
Rhode Island H161A190040 View
South Carolina H161A190072 View
South Dakota H161A190042 View
Tennessee H161A190043 View
Texas H161A190044 View
Utah H161A190045 View
Vermont H161A190046 View
Virgin Islands H161A190056 View
Virginia H161A190067 View
Washington H161A190058 View
West Virginia H161A190049 View
Wisconsin H161A190054 View
Wyoming H161A190051 View
Report-through: 9/30/2018
State Grant Award View
Alabama H161A180057 View
Alaska H161A180061 View
American Samoa H161A180052 View
Arizona H161A180002 View
Arkansas H161A180003 View
California H161A180066 View
Colorado H161A180005 View
Connecticut H161A180071 View
Delaware H161A180007 View
District of Columbia H161A180062 View
Florida H161A180009 View
Georgia H161A180060 View
Guam H161A180011 View
Hawaii H161A180012 View
Idaho H161A180059 View
Illinois H161A180014 View
Indiana H161A180015 View
Iowa H161A180016 View
Kansas H161A180013 View
Kentucky H161A180018 View
Louisiana H161A180019 View
Maine H161A180020 View
Maryland H161A180021 View
Massachusetts H161A180022 View
Michigan H161A180010 View
Minnesota H161A180024 View
Mississippi H161A180025 View
Missouri H161A180026 View
Montana H161A180027 View
Nebraska H161A180028 View
Nevada H161A180064 View
New Hampshire H161A180030 View
New Jersey H161A180031 View
New Mexico H161A180068 View
New Mexico H161A180032 View
New York H161A180065 View
North Carolina H161A180034 View
North Dakota H161A180035 View
Northern Marianas H161A180053 View
Ohio H161A180063 View
Oklahoma H161A180037 View
Oregon H161A180038 View
Pennsylvania H161A180039 View
Puerto Rico H161A180055 View
Rhode Island H161A180040 View
South Carolina H161A180072 View
South Dakota H161A180042 View
Tennessee H161A180043 View
Texas H161A180044 View
Utah H161A180045 View
Vermont H161A180046 View
Virgin Islands H161A180056 View
Virginia H161A180067 View
Washington H161A180058 View
West Virginia H161A180049 View
Wisconsin H161A180054 View
Wyoming H161A180051 View
Report-through: 9/30/2017
State Grant Award View
Alabama H161A170057 View
Alaska H161A170061 View
American Samoa H161A170052 View
Arizona H161A170002 View
Arkansas H161A170003 View
California H161A170066 View
Colorado H161A170005 View
Connecticut H161A170006 View
Connecticut H161A170071 View
Delaware H161A170007 View
District of Columbia H161A170062 View
Florida H161A170009 View
Georgia H161A170060 View
Guam H161A170011 View
Hawaii H161A170012 View
Idaho H161A170059 View
Illinois H161A170014 View
Indiana H161A170015 View
Iowa H161A170016 View
Kansas H161A170013 View
Kentucky H161A170018 View
Louisiana H161A170019 View
Maine H161A170020 View
Maryland H161A170021 View
Massachusetts H161A170022 View
Michigan H161A170010 View
Minnesota H161A170024 View
Mississippi H161A170025 View
Missouri H161A170026 View
Montana H161A170027 View
Nebraska H161A170028 View
Nevada H161A170064 View
New Hampshire H161A170030 View
New Jersey H161A170031 View
New Mexico H161A170032 View
New Mexico H161A170068 View
New York H161A170065 View
North Carolina H161A170034 View
North Dakota H161A170035 View
Northern Marianas H161A170053 View
Ohio H161A170063 View
Oklahoma H161A170037 View
Oregon H161A170038 View
Pennsylvania H161A170039 View
Puerto Rico H161A170055 View
Rhode Island H161A170040 View
South Carolina H161A170070 View
South Dakota H161A170042 View
Tennessee H161A170043 View
Texas H161A170044 View
Utah H161A170045 View
Vermont H161A170046 View
Virgin Islands H161A170056 View
Virginia H161A170067 View
Washington H161A170058 View
West Virginia H161A170049 View
Wisconsin H161A170054 View
Wyoming H161A170051 View
Report-through: 9/30/2016
State Grant Award View
Alabama H161A160057 View
Alaska H161A160061 View
American Samoa H161A160052 View
Arizona H161A160002 View
Arkansas H161A160003 View
California H161A160066 View
Colorado H161A160005 View
Connecticut H161A160006 View
Delaware H161A160007 View
District of Columbia H161A160062 View
Florida H161A160009 View
Georgia H161A160060 View
Guam H161A160011 View
Hawaii H161A160012 View
Idaho H161A160059 View
Illinois H161A160014 View
Indiana H161A160015 View
Iowa H161A160016 View
Kansas H161A160013 View
Kentucky H161A160018 View
Louisiana H161A160019 View
Maine H161A160020 View
Maryland H161A160021 View
Massachusetts H161A160022 View
Michigan H161A160010 View
Minnesota H161A160024 View
Mississippi H161A160025 View
Missouri H161A160026 View
Montana H161A160027 View
Nebraska H161A160028 View
Nevada H161A160064 View
New Hampshire H161A160030 View
New Jersey H161A160031 View
New Mexico H161A160032 View
New Mexico H161A160068 View
New York H161A160065 View
North Carolina H161A160034 View
North Dakota H161A160035 View
Northern Marianas H161A160053 View
Ohio H161A160063 View
Oklahoma H161A160037 View
Oregon H161A160038 View
Pennsylvania H161A160039 View
Puerto Rico H161A160055 View
Rhode Island H161A160040 View
South Carolina H161A160070 View
South Dakota H161A160042 View
Tennessee H161A160043 View
Texas H161A160044 View
Utah H161A160045 View
Vermont H161A160046 View
Virgin Islands H161A160056 View
Virginia H161A160067 View
Washington H161A160058 View
West Virginia H161A160049 View
Wisconsin H161A160054 View
Wyoming H161A160051 View
Report-through: 09/30/2020
State Grant Award View
Louisiana H161A200019 View
Alabama H161A200057 View
American Samoa H161A200052 View
Arizona H161A200002 View
Pennsylvania H161A200039 View
Colorado H161A200005 View
Washington H161A200058 View
Guam H161A200011 View
Utah H161A200045 View
Virginia H161A200067 View
Arkansas H161A200003 View
California H161A200066 View
Kansas H161A200013 View
Connecticut H161A200071 View
Florida H161A200009 View
Idaho H161A200059 View
Maine H161A200073 View
Montana H161A200027 View
New Jersey H161A200031 View
New Mexico H161A200032 View
New York H161A200065 View
Oregon H161A200038 View
South Dakota H161A200042 View
Tennessee H161A200043 View
Texas H161A200044 View
Puerto Rico H161A200055 View
Georgia H161A200060 View
Hawaii H161A200012 View
Illinois H161A200014 View
Indiana H161A200015 View
Iowa H161A200016 View
Maine H161A200020 View
Maryland H161A200021 View
Massachusetts H161A200022 View
Michigan H161A200010 View
Minnesota H161A200024 View
Mississippi H161A200025 View
Missouri H161A200026 View
New Hampshire H161A200030 View
New Mexico H161A200068 View
North Carolina H161A200034 View
Nebraska H161A200028 View
Nevada H161A200064 View
North Dakota H161A200035 View
Northern Marianas H161A200053 View
Oklahoma H161A200037 View
Kentucky H161A200018 View
Ohio H161A200063 View
South Carolina H161A200072 View
Rhode Island H161A200040 View
Alaska H161A200061 View
Delaware H161A200007 View
District of Columbia H161A200062 View
Vermont H161A200046 View
Virgin Islands H161A200056 View
West Virginia H161A200049 View
Wisconsin H161A200054 View
Wyoming H161A200051 View