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FFY 2018

State File
Alabama - Combined fy2018-al-c.pdf (PDF, 861KB)
Alaska - Combined fy2018-ak-c.pdf (PDF, 1,022KB)
Arizona - Combined fy2018-az-c.pdf (PDF, 913KB)
California - Combined fy2018-ca-c.pdf (PDF, 1,223KB)
Kansas - Combined fy2018-ks-g.pdf (PDF, 937KB)
Louisiana - Combined fy2018-la-c.pdf (PDF, 1,061KB)
Nevada - Combined fy2018-nv.pdf (PDF, 978KB)
New Jersey - Blind fy2018-nj-b.pdf (PDF, 790KB)
New Jersey - General fy2018-nj.pdf (PDF, 1,794KB)
New York - Blind fy2018-ny-scb.pdf (PDF, 1,059KB)
New York - General fy2018-ny-g.pdf (PDF, 850KB)
North Carolina - General fy2018-nc-g.pdf (PDF, 1,045KB)
North Carolina - Blind fy2018-nc-b.pdf (PDF, 1,113KB)
Rhode Island - Combined fy2018-ri-c.pdf (PDF, 1,015KB)
Utah - Combined fy2018-ut.pdf (PDF, 1,077KB)