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FFY 2017

State File
Colorado - Combined fy2017-co.pdf (PDF, 802KB)
Florida - General fy2017-fl-g.pdf (PDF, 929KB)
Florida - Blind fy2017-fl-b.pdf (PDF, 902KB)
Georgia - Combined fy2017-ga.pdf (PDF, 1,132KB)
Indiana - Combined fy2017-in.pdf (PDF, 1,016KB)
Maine - General fy2017-me-g.pdf (PDF, 980KB)
Maine - Blind fy2017-me-b.pdf (PDF, 825KB)
Maryland - Combined fy2017-md.pdf (PDF, 893KB)
Massachusetts - General fy2017-ma-g.pdf (PDF, 944KB)
Massachusetts - Blind fy2017-ma-b.pdf (PDF, 871KB)
Michigan - General fy2017-mi-g.pdf (PDF, 969KB)
Michigan - Blind fy2017-mi-b.pdf (PDF, 1,071KB)
Ohio - Combined fy2017-oh.pdf (PDF, 854KB)
Tennessee - Combined fy2017-tn.pdf (PDF, 762KB)