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FFY 2013

State File
Connecticut - General fy2013-ct-g.pdf (PDF, 349KB)
Connecticut - Blind fy2013-ct-b.pdf (PDF, 338KB)
Delaware - General fy2013-de-g.pdf (PDF, 797KB)
Delaware - Blind fy2013-de-b.pdf (PDF, 334KB)
District of Columbia fy2013-dc.pdf (PDF, 501KB)
Louisiana fy2013-la.pdf (PDF, 429KB)
Ohio fy2013-oh.pdf (PDF, 797KB)
Oklahoma fy2013-ok.pdf (PDF, 546KB)
Vermont - General fy2013-vt-g.pdf (PDF, 560KB)
Vermont - Blind fy2013-vt-b.pdf (PDF, 316KB)
Washington - General fy2013-wa-g.pdf (PDF, 393KB)
Washington - Blind fy2013-wa-b.pdf (PDF, 270KB)
West Virginia fy2013-wv.pdf (PDF, 398KB)
Virgin Islands fy2013-vi.pdf (PDF, 502KB)

In FFY 2013, RSA also visited Michigan to follow-up on relevant issues and provide technical assistance.