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Parent Information and Training

Assistance Listing Number: 84.235F, 84.235G

Program Type: Discretionary Grants

Program Description

The Parent Information and Training Program (84.235F), funded at $2,400,000 for eight awards, is to support projects that provide impartial training and objective information to enable individuals with disabilities, and the parents, family members, guardians, advocates, or other authorized representatives of the individuals, to participate more effectively with professionals in meeting the vocational, independent living, and rehabilitation needs of individuals with disabilities. The program offers unique training and information for individuals who live in the areas being served, particularly those who are members of populations that have been unserved or underserved by programs under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The eight Parent Information and Training Programs are located at PEAK Parent Center, Inc., Statewide Parent Advocacy Network, Federation for Children with Special Needs, Pathfinder Services of ND Inc., PACER Center, Inc., Alabama Parent Education Center Inc., Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center, and Open Doors for Multicultural Families.

The Parent Information and Training Program – Technical Assistance for Parent Training and Information Centers (84.235G), funded at $300,000, is to fund one national PTI center to provide technical assistance to, and coordination of, the State-level PTI centers funded under 84.235F in FY 2020. The Center will also establish and maintain partnerships with the State-level PTI centers established pursuant to Sections 671 and 681(d) of IDEA by the Office of Special Education Programs. The Technical Assistance for Parent Training and Information Center will be housed at the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network in Newark, New Jersey.