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American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Services Training and Technical Assistance Center (AIVRS-TAC)

CFDA Number: 84.250Z
Program Type: Discretionary

Program Description 

The purpose of the AIVRS-TAC is to provide training and technical assistance (TA) to governing bodies of Indian tribes that administer an AIVRS project. Under section 121(c)(3) of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, the RSA Commissioner makes grants to, or enters into contracts or other cooperative agreements with, entities that have experience in the operation of AIVRS projects to provide training and TA on developing, conducting, administering, and evaluating these projects.

The AIVRS-TAC provides three levels of technical assistance: intensive/sustained, targeted/specific, and general/universal. At the intensive/sustained level, AIVRS projects receive on-site, ongoing planned assistance designed to reach an outcome desired by the recipient. Through targeted/specific services, centers support activities based on the topical or technical needs common to multiple recipients and can be one-time or short-term events such as consultation services or presentations at conferences. The centers also provide general/universal technical assistance services that permit a broader audience to access information and services through presentations, newsletters, or research syntheses that are made available on center websites.


States and public or nonprofit agencies and organizations, including Indian tribes and Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) may apply.