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Rehabilitation Improvements in Services and Employment for Underserved Populations (RISE-UP) - San Diego State University-Interwork Institute


RISE-UP is designed to address the needs of the population in all phases of the VR process from outreach to outcomes. The overarching goal is to improve VR service delivery to, and competitive integrated employment outcomes achieved by, individuals with disabilities from underserved populations (IWD/UP) through training and technical assistance designed for VR agencies. The objectives of RISE-UP are to: 

  • Conduct knowledge development activities that will assist ten VR agencies to identify, implement and sustain strategies and practices to effectively meet the needs of IWD/UP.
  • Provide individualized training and technical assistance to ten partnering VR agencies on strategies that will enable VR agencies to improve service delivery to, and employment outcomes achieved by IWD/UP.
  • Conduct coordination activities and information dissemination that extends the training resources and materials beyond the ten VR agency partners.

All project materials (e.g., curriculum guides, resources, etc.) will reflect contemporary and emerging trends in disability and rehabilitation specific to individuals from historically underserved populations. Culturally appropriate and responsive approaches will be infused in all project activities (i.e., needs assessment, training, technical assistance, and dissemination).