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Activities for Underserved Populations

CFDA Number: 84.315C
Funding Type: Discretionary Grant

Program Description

Section 21 of the Rehabilitation Act, as amended by WIOA, requires RSA to reserve one percent of funds appropriated each year for programs under titles III, VI and VII to provide grant, contract or cooperative agreement awards to:

(1) Minority entities and Indian tribes to carry out activities under the Rehabilitation Act;

(2) Minority entities and Indian tribes to conduct research, training, technical assistance, or a related activity, to improve services provided under this Act, especially services provided to individuals from minority backgrounds; or

(3) State or public or private nonprofit agencies or organizations to provide outreach and technical assistance to minority entities and American Indian tribes to promote their participation in activities under the Rehabilitation Act.


States and public or private nonprofit agencies and organizations, including Indian tribes and institutions of higher education, are eligible for assistance under this program.