State Teams

SMPID has four State Teams that support the formula grant programs in the States and Territories. Each State Team is led by a State Team Facilitator and includes a Financial Management System from the Fiscal Unit along with RSA staff from the Vocational Rehabilitation Program Unit, Technical Assistance Unit, and Data Collection and Analysis Unit.

Team 1

  • State Team Facilitator: Tonya Stellar
  • Financial Management Specialist: Julya Doyle
  • States and Territories: CA, NY, HI, WI, AL, MT, NM, TN, NV, AZ, ID, OR, and U.S. Virgin Islands

Team 2

  • State Team Facilitator: Jim Doyle
  • Financial Management Specialist: Craig McManus
  • States and Territories: MI, LA, NJ, IN, VT, AK, WV, NE, OH, AR, MN, DC, and Guam

Team 3

  • State Team Facilitator: RoseAnn Ashby (interim)
  • Financial Management Specialist: David Miller
  • States and Territories: TX, IA, GA, IL, MD, CO, WY, DE, MO, ND, ME, MS, NC, Puerto Rico, and American Samoa

Team 4

  • State Team Facilitator: Joe Doney  
  • Financial Management Specialist: Arseni Popov
  • States and Territories: PA, CT, SC, VA, FL, NH, SD, MA, OK, RI, UT, WA, KS, KY, and Northern Marianas