Rehabilitation Services Administration
U.S. Department of Education

Centers for Independent Living - ARRA


CFDA Number: 84.400A
Funding type: Discretionary

ARRA awards for Centers for Independent living

Awards to Grantees

Note on this table: the numbers shown represent the awards made during the fiscal year to RSA grantees. There may be additional set-asides for the program which are not shown.

State Grantee PR Award ID Total Awarded FY 2014 Total Awarded FY 2013
Georgia Middle Georgia Center for Independent Living, Inc. H400A100406 $601,012
Illinois Achieving Independence and Mobility Center for Independent Living H400A100374 $115,844
Illinois Advocates for Access H400A100405 $102,973
Illinois Illinois Valley Center for Independent Living H400A100365 $122,914
Illinois IMPACT, Inc. H400A100370 $126,856
Illinois Person Assuming Control of Their Environment, Inc. H400A100368 $125,091
Illinois Springfield Center for Independent Living H400A100381 $82,064
New Jersey DAWN Center for Independent Living H400A100376 $582,962
New York ARISE Child and Family Services, Inc. H400A100367 $446,060
New York Capital District Center for Independence, Inc. H400A100402 $438,647
New York Center for Independence of the Disabled in New York, Inc. (CIDNY) H400A100382 $449,071
North Carolina disAbility Resource Center, Inc. -- disAbility Resource Center,disAbility Resource Center H400A100371 $954,946
Tennessee TARP Center for Independent Living H400A100377 $927,084
Texas Brazos Valley Center for Independent Living H400A100403 $1,426,590

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