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U.S. Department of Education

Grant Award Information for H400A100280

Awarded for CIL Centers for Independent Living - ARRA to
Disability Resource Center, Inc.
300 West 5th Street
Panama City, FL 32401
Contact person: Robert C. Cox

  • Disability Resource Center, Inc.
    Attention: Robert C. Cox, Executive Director
    300 West 5th Street
    Panama City, FL 32401
    Phone: 850-769-6890
    Fax Number: 850-769-6891
    Email address: rcox@drcpc.org
    Recent awards: CIL FY2014: H132A010035 , CIL-ARRA FY2010: H400A100280

Actual award(s) for H400A100280

Award infoAward throughAmount
Award amount 10/01/2014 209,770

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ProgramFY 2010FY 2009FY 2008
Centers for Independent Living - ARRA209,770  


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